re: Ninja Librarians

“You’re talking about several hundred staffers. You’ve got people who are experts at finding information. A lot of them have Masters of Librarian Science. They know how to track things down on the Internet that you and I simply wouldn’t know existed. “

Traveling from NYC to Massachusetts on the Acela train one afternoon, I happened to sit next to a friendly gentleman that turned out to be rather talkative. I was still in college earning my BA at the time, and told him that I was studying English and Journalism. Happily surprised, he offered me job advice that I remember to this day: “You know, the CIA actively seeks out Journalism and Information science students!” Thinking this was just his attempt to be constructive, he continued by explaining that he in fact worked for the government, and valued the abilities of English majors to accurately and descriptively produce reports and other inter-departmental proposals over many other staff members.

This interview with Robert Siegel tickles me once again, and gives me hope for the future of trained Library and Information Science professionals in off-beat sectors. Although I may not agree with certain government info-gathering tactics, it gives me hope as my classmates and I search tirelessly on the Internet and through personal connections for job prospects.

Shuush! Don’t tell them!

Just Kidding.

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