who likes what now?

A random sampling of my recently catalogued titles:

  1. An Illustrated Fountain Pen History
  2. The Ceiling of the Paris Opera
  3. Greek Horoscopes
  4. Conjurer’s Monthly Magazine
Random, by every sense of the word. Lovely, even. But that’s just my opinion. What I love most about the assortment of books on our shelves (both catalogued and waiting for research) is their variation of subject, format, and audience. There is literally a book for everyone here.
The other day, my supervisor noted that if I opened a bookshop, the theme of the inventory would be ‘weird books.’ Its true, that’s my first selection process when I got to look for a book to work on, and ashamed I am not! Hah. I like to think that I’m choosing the book no one would dare attempt to research, or find too boring. Hopefully my diligence will connect with that one person out there who’s been painstakingly searching for a volume on cigarette tricks, or bolt action rifles, or even a handbook on minox cameras.
To the shelves!

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